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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Shocked? Maybe. Surprised? Definitely.
I really am surprised with the results of yesterday's NYC mayoral primary, particularly Gifford Miller's disastrous showing. How could a candidate who significantly outraised his opponents and won many of the coveted endorsements (save the NYTimes), come in a lousy fourth with only 10% of the vote, and behind C. Virginia Fields, who speaks like she's running for 8th grade class president?

I guess it was a compendium of a number of things that went wrong:
- His squabbles with the campaign finance board
- His youthful appearance
- His penchant for singing on the campaign trail
- His extremely bad first TV ad, which featured him bending over rearranging desks in a classroom
- His lack of a solid racial or ethnic support base

In the last few weeks I admitted to myself that he wouldn't win, but 10% is horrible.
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