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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Bono and the Nobel Peace Prize
Just a quick FYI, in case Bono (and/or Bob Geldof) wins the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow. I've heard a lot of people say how shocked they are that he's in consideration. They may have heard about his efforts with the G8, or Make Poverty History, or some other recent campaign, and assume it's the usual rockstar getting involved in a cause temporarily for personal benefit and worldwide praise.

Not the case with Bono. He's been deeply dedicated to the cause of revitalizing Africa for over 2 decades now, to the extent that world leaders currently recognize him as one of the foremost authorities on the plight of that continent. Bono can keep up academically with the best of them - O'Neil, Wolfowitz, Sachs, Clinton - but he has an inate ability to frame issues in the most sensible and appealing-to-the-masses way that none of the other "experts" have.

The award might be preliminary, as I think Bono has the potential to do so much more if he can continue to slowly attract the attention of the world. If he doesn't win it tomorrow, it will be next year, or the year after, or some year soon.
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