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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Here's the problem with Republicans
They're living in an imagined world. Where everyone starts from the same place and their successes or failures are totally of their own creation. No we don't need progressive taxation - that punishes hard work, and it's wrong to treat people differently! No we should not have affirmative action - that separates people based on race, and it's wrong to treat people differently!

Their whole agenda is built on the principle that government should, as much as possible, leave things alone... that the country will sort itself out.

The poverty rate among black people fell from 33.4% to 22.5% during the Clinton administration. It has risen to 24.7% under Bush. Are we really to believe that Republicans are trying to reduce a number like that?

The imagined world helps Republicans justify the continuation of their aristocracy.
posted by CB @ 8:49 AM  
  • At 11:20 AM, Blogger Zizzy Baluba said…

    Their imaginary world assumes all people can rise above their station if they have the ambition to do so. An "All men are created equal" sort of philosophy, yet their leadership (especially the current leaders in the party) hold an elitest view of who should actually lead as outlined by Leo Strauss. I've got a meme to spread on my blog that relates directly to the current leadership.

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