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Monday, October 03, 2005
How good does Gore look right now...
Question for other Democrats. After the John Kerry debacle of 2004, does anyone else find themselves, like me, looking back fondly at Candidate Gore? I definitely do. Perhaps not so much the careful politician of the campaign (though he was, I think, a better campaigner than Kerry), but the guy that has seemed to emerge since then... who gives fiery speeches about the Iraq war, the environment, and other issues where Bush seems to lack common sense and decency?

This is partially what motivated me to put Gore on the top of my Presidential Odds when I first conjured them up about 9 months ago. He's slipped down the rankings since then, calling himself a "recovering politician", and suggesting he'll never run for office again, but I maintain that if he announced plans to run in2008, there are few candidates (Obama is one, Bill Bradley another) that I would support over him.

This is the kind of thing Gore's doing now: taking a plane into New Orleans and rescuing hurrican survivors, and then refusing to be interviewed about it. I just don't understand why people still trust Republicans, especially Bush with his disastrous record, to run the country when we could have someone capable like this.
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