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Monday, December 19, 2005
GOP Starving the Beast
Republicans have long sought to "starve the beast" - cut taxes, create deficits, cut spending to close the deficit. It's their strategy for moving towards smaller government.

Ineffective as they have been at most things, I've been dismayed that Republican-controlled Washington has actually succeeded a few times in pursuing the starve the beast agenda.

The latest is the $40b in spending cuts passed today by the House (along with a defense bill that opens up ANWR).

Democrats who believe that the current level of federal spending is necessary need to not forget that despite the fact that Republicans look incompetent, they have most definitely pushed this country in their direction the last 5 years. We're going to need to articulate in 2006 and 2008 precisely why we desire to pull it back.

Healthcare spending is our main weapon. Most people believe that everyone deserves basic healthcare, and most people are willing to put that tax back on the billionaires to pay for it.
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