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Friday, December 30, 2005
Happy New Year?
Predictions for 2006:

1. Economic instability in the U.S. by the summer. $70-85 oil prices leading to ~$3.00-4.00 gas prices. A sharp drop in the domestic stock market as foreign investors begin to invest more in emerging markets in Europe, South America, and Asia.

2. Continued difficulty and dismal approval ratings for George Bush. Spying scandal, Plame leak investigation, intra-GOP squabbling over immigration policy, and reckless fiscal policy weigh in early 2006.

3. A slight shift in favorability for the Democrats, as people stop seeing them as "not Republicans" and more as a party with ideas, namely: a) universal access to healthcare, b) increased access to higher education, c) an increase in the minimum wage, d) a Constitutional right to privacy, e) a movement toward balanced budgets.

Happy and healthy 2006 to all my readers.
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