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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Iraq War: 2,200 soldiers killed. 30,000+ civilians killed. And now $1-2 TRILLION !!!
Nobel prize winning Columbia Economist (and Amherst grad) Joseph Stiglitz, andHarvard budget expert Linda Blimes are publishing a report calculating the full cost of the Iraq war in dollars, and the number is staggering: $1-2 trillion, up to 10x more than the Bush Administration said before the war (when a Bush adviser said it could cost $200 billion, the White House called that much too high).

And this report is based on CONSERVATIVE estimates. And only the U.S. costs (not counting Iraq, the UK, etc.)

The study, which expands on traditional estimates by including such costs as lifetime disability and healthcare for troops injured in the conflict as well as the impact on the American economy, concludes that the U.S. Government is continuing to grossly underestimate the cost of the war.

Again, let me explain why I bring this up... I want George Bush's legacy to be that he royally screwed this up, because he really did. We must learn from his mistakes as commander in chief, and vow to never repeat them.
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