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Thursday, January 26, 2006
So long West Wing
My favorite television show is going caput. I am deeply saddened. West Wing was, for the most part, incredibly well written, pertinent, and intelligent. It didn't dumb down subjects for the sake of the viewer. There were many many times when I had to watch a dialogue sequence 3-4 times before understanding the policy or political nugget being discussed.

I really would have liked to see Alan Alda's character, the Republican CA governor, win the election, and at least a year of "Republican" West Wing. Who knows... the ratings might have soared, with people clamoring to see how a smart Republican president acts.

I fully support this idea, of the show being reborn on iTunes. Wish it would happen. In fact, I think some shows in the future will find a home in "on-demand". But it's just too early.
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