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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Pres Odds Update
I'm out of town tomorrow, so here's this week's update to the 2008 odds, a day early:

- Cheney down from 75:1 to 125:1. Does this need explanation?
- George Allen up from 7:1 to 6:1. Some buzz lately.
- John McCain down from 3:1 to 7:2. The Obama spat wasn't very elegant.
- Sam Brownback up from 30:1 to 20:1. Die hard conservatives might re-circle the wagons after disastrous Bushie.

- Al Gore back into the 4th spot, swapping with Evan Bayh. Some good press lately.
- Dropping some of the middle tier people a little: Joe Biden from 17:1 to 20:1, Daschle 20:1 to 22:1.
- Removing Ed Rendell... he's got a tough fight to keep the PA governorship from Lynn Swann.
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