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Thursday, April 27, 2006
More on Allen
The full piece is up on New Republic (free registration required). Here's a choice excerpt:

From his back pocket, he removes a tin of Copenhagen--"the brand of choice for adult consumers who identify with its rugged, individual and uncompromising image," according to the company--and taps a fat wad of the tobacco between his lip and gum using an impressive one-handed maneuver. As the scrum breaks up, Allen turns away and spits a long brown streak of saliva into the dirt, just missing one of his constituents, a carefully put-together, blonde, ponytailed woman approaching the senator for an autograph. She stops in her tracks and stares with disgust at the bubbly tobacco juice that almost landed on her feet. Without missing a beat, Allen's communications director, John Reid, reassures her: "That's just authenticity!"

And the racist leanings keep coming:
  • Displayed a Confederate flag in his living room while running for Gov in 1993.
  • Had a ficus tree in his law office with a noose hanging from it
  • Accepted an invitation from a discrimintating club that 3 previous Govs had refused
  • Declared April "Confederate History and Heritage Month"
  • Voted against Martin Luther King day

Is this enough to derail a Presidential bid with 2 years to go?

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