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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Dean on the Daily Show
Howard Dean appeared on the Daily Show on Monday night, and it made me remember everything I love about the guy, which I'll try to boil down into 2 bullet points:

1. He talks like a regular person. Not afflicted with Senate-speak. Doesn't use the annoying buzzwords that politicians think get through to us (eg. "relief at the pump", etc.). It's the same kind of political conversation you might have with a friend over dinner, EXCEPT...

2. Dean is extremely smart, and can immediately think of the correct response to anything you throw at him.

I wish I could find the transcript from Monday's show (anyone who can gets my praise), but so far I've been unsuccessful. Suffice it to say that whenever Jon Stewart put on his playful "I'll play devil's advocate and say a Republican line" hat, Dean had an immediate and effective response.

The Democrats don't have ideas? Here's a list of 10 things we've been knocking on doors telling people about.

The ideas are broad things everyone will agree with? Here are three specific examples of ways the Democrats would implement Broad Idea #1.

He's also honest, like a normal person. So rather than saying, the Republicans are in disarray and we're going to take the House and Senate in November, Dean said something like "I think we're going to have a good shot at taking the House or Senate, or maybe both". That's what we need more of... honesty from politicians.

So I'll continue to sulk about the fact that the country just couldn't quite get there with Dean. I take consolation in the fact that he's putting himself to good work at the DNC, and I totally agree with his 50-state strategy.
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