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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Support the 50 State Strategy
I don't often respond to Howard Dean et. al.'s fundraising calls (besides being a Democracy Bond holder), but I am strongly in support of Dean's "50 State Strategy" (investing money in building a Democratic operation in every state, regardless of how red it might be), so I donated $10 be counted in support thereof. They're hoping to get 5,000 donors to agree that this is what they should be doing. If you agree, go here, and give them $1, or more:

Some in the party, particularly Emmanuel Rahm, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (a very smart guy, I think), believe it would be better to preserve the money until closer to November, and put it to work in the specific races where it will have the most impact toward winning back the House.

Unfortunately, that's what the Democrats have always done, and it's too short-sighted for my liking. We need to make the argument that we are ready to represent the whole country, not just liberals in swing states and districts. Progressive principals aren't just right for those few, they're right for everyone. Time we start being unafraid to say so.
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  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger Dan J said…

    (As Rahm is my congressman, I will comment with an air of authority, as if I ate lunch with the guy everyday.)

    I think Rahm's strategy is not necessarily as limited as some suggest. While he is pushing to keep money focused on specific "winnable" races, not all the districts he is pushing are traditional democratic districts, some are red districts with vulnerable incumbents or scandalous party machines. He seems to be a proponent of a focused, yet still expansive plan.

    Dean's plan seems more to be more statement oriented. I know he claims that the 50 state strategy will win more seats, but I think most people would admit that such a grand idea is more about the idea itself, and less about results.

    I think the best option would be to take a little of both approaches by really expanding the notion of what constitutes a winnable election, and then focus support on those elections.

  • At 10:49 AM, Blogger CB said…

    I agree with your comments, with perhaps a little tweak. Indeed, the 50 state strategy will be primarily a statement in 2006, but the idea is based on building a long-term infrastructure that looks beyond this November. So it has those two benefits: statement now, infrastructure later.

    Indeed, money should be (and will be) spent in the many districts that fit under an expansive definition of competitive in August/Sept/October.

    What I would do is let the two make their arguments separately, and hope to increase donations overall. So I'll be giving now to Dean. And I'll be giving to Rahm when he tells me what races he wants to spend the $ on.

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