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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Eating Meat: Cognitive Dissonance... or... Let's Grow Meat in Labs!
I listened to this Will Saletan Slate article on Podcast, and it had a lasting impact, so I'm linking to it here.

Saletan argues that there's a cognitive dissonance (classic science term for something we do that don maka no sensa, when you think about it) between the way we regard certain animals (Barbaro, for example) and the way we treat the ones we eat. He says there's very little substance to merit the different ways we treat dogs and pigs, or horses and cows.

He also goes as far as to call our treatment of animals the moral outrage of our time, similar to, but on a much different scale than, slavery, women's subjugation, etc., (I hope this means that we're getting better as a society... we don't have as many overt discriminations against humans anymore).

Now here's the interesting part: Saletan says we can't get over our cravings for meat, so we should learn to grow it in a lab from stem cells. That way we never have to harm a living, thinking, feeling animal.

Is this turning into a sci-fi movie? Perhaps. But worth pursuing at least, I think.
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