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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
After 5 years, we may finally have an independent legislative branch again
Tomorrow may mark the day when George W. Bush issues his first veto, over 5 years into his presidency. It will be on a bill permitting federally funded stem cell research, on embryos that would otherwise be thrown out at fertility clinics.

This has many implications, among them:
1. The extent to which the Republican Congress for the first 5 years simply took orders from the White House on what issues it should pursue rather than doing their actual job.
2. The depths to which support for George Bush has fallen... that Republican senators are finally willing to stand up to him on something important to their constituents.
3. That GWB remains intellectually disengaged, ardently idealogical, and backward-focused in his approach to government.
4. How this plays out politically in November remains an interesting question... the majority will be unhappy with Bush, and Republicans will appear somewhat divided on the question, but certain at-risk Republicans will be able to point to this as a way in which they are not a 'rubber-stamp' for the White House.
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