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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
New Feature
You'll notice on the right a table sponsored by ActBlue. These are the 6 candidates I currently think are most worthy of your financial support between now and November.

I may change them occasionally as the dynamics of the races change. But my general criteria is: good Democrats running in winnable races.

Here's a quick rundown of why I picked each of these six:

James Webb
If there’s any race I want the Dems to win in November, it’s this one. George Allen is (or at least was) a racist bigot, and represents a lot of what I hate about the Republican party. Taking him out would be great for the Dems’ Senate takeover, and would kill off a right-wing 2008 Presidential candidate.

Kirsten Gillibrand
This is the district my wife is from, and where I got married, so it has no business being Republican. Plus John Sweeney is a partying frat-boy who adds nothing at all to the Republican party besides blind support for President Bush.

Claire McCaskill
McCaskill is a wonderful politician who deserves to beat Jim Talent handily. I’d love to win Missouri.

Jon Tester
Montana is turning blue, and Jon Tester is going to win this Senate race (with our help).

Harold Ford, Jr.
Bill Clinton and others have called Harold Ford Jr. the future of the Democratic Party. He’s a Congressman running for Bill Frist’s Senate seat. We need to keep this guy in a job, because he’s whip-smart and a great asset.

Sheldon Whitehouse
Lincoln Chafee has no business being in the Senate as a Republican. He’s from Rhode Island, and often seems confused about which party he’s in. Let’s put RI firmly in the left column.

If you'd like to contribute a single amount to be split equally among these candidates, you can do so here:

My contribution: $

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