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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Economists & Political Pundits for Higher Gas Taxes
According to Greg Mankiw, Bush's former economic adviser and the guy who wrote my first college economics textbook, the following list of people have state that the government should put a bigger tax on gasoline and carbon emissions. I've taken the liberty to add a name to the list (note: my version would take into account gas consumption of people who are forced to live far from their source of income).

Greg Mankiw
Bill Nordhaus
Martin Feldstein
Gary Becker
Robert Frank
Andrew Samwick
Ted Gayer
Mike Moffatt
Ken Rogoff
Paul Krugman
Greg Easterbrook
John Tierney
Jonathan Rauch
Thomas Friedman
Joe Klein
Andrew Sullivan
Jane Galt
Christopher Farrell
William Baldwin
Clive Crook
Al Gore
The Jaker
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