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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Are you kidding me?
I think David Broder has gone insane. Or else he is just an idiot. Or else he was struck with a lightning-bolt of idiotness yesterday just before sitting down to write this Washington Post article about the Democratic Party's plans to add Nevada and South Carolina (two not almost exclusively white states) to the early primary calendar in addition to Iowa and New Hampshire (two almost exlusively white states).

Here's a choice selection from Broder:
This Democratic version of affirmative action leaves a lot to be desired. Unions are a major source of Democratic votes and money. Maybe Rhode Island should be rewarded for being a stronghold of union activity at a time when labor elsewhere is beleaguered. And gays vote Democratic; shouldn't the states that are home to San Francisco and Key West be allowed to vote early? And if Jewish contributors keep the party solvent, shouldn't New York be up there with the other pacesetters?

Affirmative action? It's not like they're letting just the minority voters in those states vote first. And it's not like only minorities are allowed to live in these states. Nevada is 65% White, 20% Hispanic, 7% Black, and 4% Asian. South Carolina is 66% White, 30% Black, 1% Asian. Boy, we've practically given the country away, haven't we David? What is so objectionable about wanting diversity on the most basic possible level? Or are you just afraid that the Democrats have wisened up and are now better prepared to elect a viable general election candidate than the Republicans are?
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