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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Primary Day
The Fix has a rundown of primary "winners", including this interesting piece of analysis:

Al Gore/Barack Obama/Russ Feingold: The win by Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire's 1st District Democratic primary bodes well for the three potential presidential candidates, each of whom has opposed the war in Iraq from the start. Shea-Porter called for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, while her main opponent -- state Rep. Jim Craig -- had been less willing to take such a strong position. Craig also had far more money and the backing of the Democratic establishment in Washington. Given New Hampshire's primacy in the presidential nomination process, you can be sure every Democrat thinking about a run in 2008 was watching this race closely and now knows that support for the war has become increasingly politically perilous.

Might be a bit of a stretch, but my long-time readers know that I think if either Al Gore or Barack Obama declare that they are running, they immediately become the co-favorite with Hillary (perhaps Obama more so than Gore).
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