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Thursday, September 28, 2006
My quick take on this week's news

Not enough time for a more in-depth analysis:

  • Detainee bill. I'm with Mike that this is absolutely awful. I agree with Republican Senator Arlen Specter that this bill will "take our civilization back 900 years". The fact that the President wants to claim discretion to selectively throw out all the principals that America's 200 year history has been built on is terrifying. And the fact that they're willing to do all that mostly as a campaign weapon is morally reprehensible.
  • Jeneane Pirro. Why is this getting so much attention? So she wanted to bug her husband to find out if he was getting some on the side. I say go for it. Nail the scumbag.
  • Senate/Congressional Races. I've read so many differing opinions over the last week or so. One article said that we should not expect a 1994-like Democratic "wave". Others have pointed out races that were previously thought uncontested that are now somewhat open to the taking. I remain somewhat skeptical and disappointed that the national sentiment hasn't shifted to Dems, and in a way I blame the party for not yet articulating that unifying message broadly, but that may be a strategy... hold out til the last minute. We'll see.
  • John & Elizabeth Edwards. Okay, he's not really in the news, but she is, because her book's coming out. I probably won't have time to read it, but I love Elizabeth Edwards. I think she's really frickin smart, and man she'd be one of the best most productive first ladies ever. She'd probably come out with Eleanor Roosevelt -type respect. Can John make it happen?
  • Clean Energy. Could a Democratic House/Senate sweep (a longshot) be a great boon to the cause for clean energy in the U.S. Or will we have to wait for Gore/Obama '08?

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