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Monday, August 28, 2006
Latest Senate Polling
Democrats are leading 12 out of 16 competitive Senate races, according to the latest Zogby poll.

Most interesting, James Webb is now slightly ahead of George Allen in Virgina, 47.9 - 46.6 (within the margin of error). Allen is paying for the macaca comment, which in my opinion, rather than being a one-time verbal slip, shows what he the Senator is truly like. I just made a $10 donation to Webb. Feel free to do the same.

Beating Allen would be a huge blow to the Republicans, but more importantly, I think it would be a big help to our country, and not just because we'd have another Dem in the Senate. If Allen is defeated at the same time that George W. Bush's approval is at its low point, it could mean that Republicans stop nominating and electing dumbass frat-boy types who might be fun to have a beer with, but should not be put in charge of any small part of our country.

The polls also show very close races in Arizona (Republican incumbent), Michigan (Dem), Minnesota (Dem), Missouri (Rep), Nevada (Rep), New Jersey (Dem), and Tennesee(Rep).

That NJ race is one to watch. It's way closer than is comfortable. Republicans probably feel the same way about Nevada.
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