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Friday, November 09, 2007
Iraq GI Bill
A lot of the Iraq war related conversations I've been having with people lately have been in regards to the long-term effects on society, such as the large amount of veterans (many of them physically and psychologically wounded) we will have to help for decades to come. We've seen how tough a time many Vietnam vets had re-establishing a regular life. It's going to be in some ways a harder challenge for Iraq vets, many of whom survive with injuries that in past wars they would have died from.

So I totally agree with Senators Webb and Hagel that we need a new GI Bill for Iraq war vets.

Many of the "vets" are going to be in their 20s, reeling from a pyschologically difficult war that many of us never supported - that is tough on the soldiers. We need to help them establish their lives, after taking them out of the regular career track in arguably their most important and formative career-development years. Send them to college, help them find jobs... it's all going to be important.

Where is President Bush on this? He thinks it's more supportive to troops to not criticize the war than to give them aid at having productive lives? Give me a break.
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