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Monday, October 25, 2004
The Conservative Case Against GWB
I've been happy to learn that friends of mine who consider themselves Republican or at least conservative generally have serious problems with Bush this time around. I guess the only people that wouldn't are far-righters, and I suppose I haven't come across too many of them between San Francisco, Amherst, and New York.

Nevertheless, if anybody reading is conservative and still on the fence, this article sets out a very comprehensive case for why Bush has abandoned all of the constructive positions Republicans usually take (fiscal responsibility, a contained foreign policy, etc.) in favor of extreme and unjustifiable crusades.

A very interesting read, and recommended forward to any conservatives you know.

The conclusion:
For an American conservative, better one lost election than the continued empowerment of cynical men who abuse conservatism through an exercise of power unrestrained by principle through the compromise of conservative beliefs. George W. Bush claims to be conservative. But based upon the unwholesome intrusion into domestic life and personal liberty of his administration and the local governments who imitate it, George W. Bush is no conservative, no friend of limited, constitutional government—and no friend of freedom. The Republic would be better served by his defeat in November.
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