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Thursday, January 06, 2005
Challenge Over
So the challenge to the Ohio electors has come and gone. In the debate, many Dem Senators and Representatives praised Tubbs/Conyers and Barbara Boxer for signing, stated clearly their intentions to spur debate for election reform (not change Nov 2's outcome), and spoke eloquently on why fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy.

Somewhat disappointing was the resultant votes - though Clinton, Obama, Reid, Harkin et al. all spoke of supporting Boxer, in the end, not unexpectedly, she was the lone vote to investigate the election.

DailyKos has a ton of information on this in various threads, if you're interested.

Hopefully the media reports the right story, that Dems were trying to stick up for fair elections for EVERYONE, and the public rallies in support of legislative action on this topic. Rich districts with no lines and poor districts with long lines is just not right.
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