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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Changing the Consultant Culture
Amy Sullivan wrote the article of the week, "Fire the Consultants", about the culture of entrenched political consultants in Washington, who continue to run the important Democratic races nationwide even as they continue to rack up a losing record. It's a must-read.

Emergining Democratic Majority cites this problem and two others, Clintonism and Character as hot-button issues that Democrats need to tackle.

It seems clear that people like Bob Schrum, who granted has the valuable experience of 7 presidential campaigns, but unfortunately has lost exactly 7 of them, need to step aside for a new generation of Democratic strategists who understand the need for a unified Democratic message. Frankly, though some will say I'm biased, I think a bunch of Dean's people are qualified in this regard... first they were led by a man that clearly has a vision of reform starting at the grassroots. Among those I'd tap are Joe Trippi, Tom McMahon, and others.
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