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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Minimum Wage is a winning issue
Wow. I missed this storyline in November, and I think the mainstream media did too. This is dynamite.
President Bush carried Florida handily last November. But there was something else on the Florida ballot that got little national attention -- an initiative to raise the state minimum wage to $6.15 an hour.

The initiative was put on the ballot by the community organizing group ACORN and a coalition of unions, MoveOn, and others with 975,000 signatures. The minimum wage initiative was opposed by nearly all Republicans and business groups.

Not only did the initiative win by a stunning 72 to 28 percent; it won in every single Florida county, even rock-ribbed Bush territory.

Perhaps the problem is that Democratic politicians (all politicians in general) forget that people sometimes vote for what is right overall, rather than what most benefits them individually.

Dem pols need to grab this issue and run for the goal line.
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