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Monday, February 07, 2005
This Week: The Budget and Bush's Incompetence
One of the main topics of dicussion in political circles this week will be the President's budget. My main hope is that newspapers, TV news shows, and the rest of the media play this story in a way that will educate the American citizenry a little more about the economic issues. For example, talk about the deficit this budget creates, the size of the accumulating debt and what it means for future generations, how the budget deficit doesn't even include the $100bn/year wars we're fighting, and then remind us that Bush is proposing making tax cuts for rich people permanent and taking perhaps trillions of revenues out to privatize social security. He's all idealogy and no reality.
posted by CB @ 8:52 AM  
  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger JBS said…

    Don't forget that the deficit is not a product of spending which is relatively low (thanks Bill Clinton) vis a vis GDP but is because of tax income shortfalls because of Georgie's tax cuts for the wealthy.

    If you haven't read it check out Krugman's op-ed in NYTimes for more color.


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