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Thursday, March 24, 2005
The 2008 Republican Sideshow
One of the interesting developments to watch in the road to the White House, 2008 edition, will be Tom Tancredo, Republican congressman from Colorado who plans to be the Dennis Kucinich of the Republican primary race.

Tancredo is a rabid opponent of immigration - both legal and illegal. And he's already campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire to build support for a spot in the race for President, where he can draw attention to his crusade to shut the borders. Just as Kucinich wanted all troops withdrawn and a Dept. of the Peace established, and talked about it at every turn, Tancredo is likely to worm his way into the debates and talk only about keeping everyone out. If Frist, McCain, Hagel & co. have to respond to this guy, mainstream Republicans will be wincing.

Among the things Tancredo has done: when the Denver Post profiled an illegal immigrant high school student with a 3.9 GPA, Tancredo tried to get him deported. And in a recent speech he said the Chinese government is "trying to export people" as a "way of extending their hegemony".

I'm not even going to put him on the Republican odds list. But at least he should make for some entertaining TV.
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