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Monday, April 18, 2005
Gifford Miller's Budget
City Council speaker Gifford Miller, who I support for NYC Mayor, released his budget proposal last week. The plan centers on the following four proposals:

1. Reduce class sizes by 20% by capping the number of students. Under Miller's plan, there will be no more than 17 students in each Kindergarten through 3rd grade class, 20 students in grades 4 and 5, and 23 students in junior high classes.

2. Deliver tax cuts to the businesses that drive our economy. Miller's plan targets substantial tax cuts for small businesses, expands tax credits for businesses in the outer boroughs and delivers a smaller, across-the-board tax cut for all NYC businesses.

3. Hire 1,000 more police officers to focus on quality-of-life infractions. In the long run, these extra officers will save money by reducing overtime costs.

4. Help the neediest New Yorkers help themselves, by increasing the landmark Earned Income Tax Credit program that Miller created last year, as well as by funding workforce training, language programs and day care services.

Gifford's the best guy to run New York. Show him some love:
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