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Monday, April 25, 2005
The Pope didn't want it
I often feel bad for old CEOs and politicians, and by old I'm talking 80+. Why are they still working when they should, in my opinion, be spending their final years enjoying their family and seeing the world?

But at least they choose their path. The pope doesn't get to do that, and that's why I feel sad whenI read that he prayed not to be elected. Articles often talked about the back-door politicking and campaigning surrounding the papal election. But it never occurred to me that some of these guys might actually NOT want the job. The nature of their relationship with God is that if you are chosen by your peers then God clearly wanted you to do it, and you have a duty to sacrifice for the Church. This man, who longed to go back home to Germany after 28 years working in Rome, will now live out the remainder of his life in one of the most high-profile positions on the planet. It's an awesome burden.
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