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Thursday, April 21, 2005
TIME Magazine
I'd never admit it to my fiance, because she's a Newsweek reader and I've always bragged that TIME's coverage is better, but I've been thinking about cancelling my TIME subscription for a little while now. Apparently Markos just did that exact thing. My reasoning is the same as his - they don't have a single liberal viewpoint consistently represented in the magazine, while they give moderate conservative columnists like Joe Klein and a few others plenty of column inches.

Right now, TIME is my to and from work subway reading every single day. Meanwhile, I have issues of the better-written and more inciteful The New Republic piling up on my mail table, and a pile of countless blog and news articles on my desk that I'd like to get to. So you can see why reading pseudo-conservative viewpoints irks me.

Likewise, CNN (which is owned by Time Warner) seems to have drifted a little right lately. Since Jon Stewart's condemnation of news coverage in general, they don't seem to have done anything to start a real political discourse rather than just reporting the easy stories.

The uproar with TIME this week is about John Cloud's cover story on Ann Coulter, a person whose propensity for hatred of all sorts of people unlike her truly saddens me.

What am I gonna do? Don't know yet. I guess I'm looking for a straw to break my back. Bush as person of the year twice almost did it.
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