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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Good fat
Most of you probably know about the study that came out a week or two ago saying people that are slightly overweight generally live a little longer than thin people. Seems like some have taken that one study as a green light to eat in excess.

What's important is to remember that this study talks about a grey area - where people are normal weight to slightly overweight. That's going to be an issue in any society, and of course not a huge deal 10-15 lbs one way or the other. And weight itself is not the driver of health - if you exercise a lot and still are slightly overweight, you're probably fine. If you're sedentary and skinny, you're probably not-so-fine.

The problem in America is of a culture that creates astounding rates of obesity - ie. not just 20 lbs overweight but 50+. That is what is truly unhealthy, and that is what is created by the TGI Fridays mega-plate / all-you-can-eat buffet / "must finish your plate" culture in the U.S.
posted by CB @ 1:21 PM  
  • At 1:27 PM, Blogger JBS said…

    what's silly here and something to keep in mind. Shouldn't overweight mean unhealthy or at least not optimal.

    Shouldn't we therefore think about re-defining what it means to be overweight. maybe normal weight is a little more than now thought.

    Also i agree with CB and point out the following: Everyone always carries on about the italians and the french for being so thin and healthy. well you go there and you see a lot of well fed but reasonable pot bellies on the older men especially. Our focus should be exactly what CB says 50+ pounds and grotesque, need-a-wheelchair obescity. That is as much or more of a death sentance than smoking a pack a day.


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