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Monday, June 20, 2005
Biden's in
Senator Joe Biden of Delaware more-or-less announced his 2008 Presidential candidacy over the weekend. He says he's proceeding as if he's running and will judge in the next 6 months if he can attract sufficient (financial) support to justify a run.

Six months or so ago I could have supported a Biden presidential candidacy. He is outspoken enough to really criticize Republicans when they're being idiots, like, for example, when they attack Iraq to retaliate for Saudis' terrorist activities.

But Biden has betrayed progressive values a number of times recently, most recently in voting for the bankruptcy bill which benefits already immensely-profitable credit card companies that do business in his state. As I said in this March post, I will remember that vote in 2008.

DailyKos has also been critical of Biden lately.
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