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Friday, June 17, 2005
Friday Prez Odds Update
- Bill Richardson (Gov. NM) has been sitting pretty up there in the #3 Democratic spot for awhile now, even though I've had little to say about him. Well Bill made some noise in New Hampshire a week ago that I missed. He made a strange comment in English about not running for President, which he then contradicted in Spanish. Ah the awkwardness of Presidential campaigning. I don't envy these guys. Anyway, by virtue of his cross-over appeal as governor of a southwestern state, I think he deserves to be 3rd right now, but I'm going to take him down slightly to 6:1.
- In the comments Dan alerted me to the fact that I'd left out Gephardt. I think I thought he was too old for 2008, but turns out he's only 64 (grab some hair dye, Dick). So DG enters today alongside Barbara Boxer at 20:1.

- According to USA Today, leaders of the Christian Conservative movement plan to jointly interview Republican Presidential candidates, possibly endorsing one. This could be a negative for people like McCain and Giuliani, and a plus for Brownback, Santorum, perhaps Frist. But no changes for now.
posted by CB @ 1:07 PM  
  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger Dan J said…

    thoughts on Gep joining Piper DC? I see you don't have him in the odds, why so?

  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger CB said…

    Interesting point actually. I guess I thought Dick was older than he actually is (64), and that '04 was his last shot. But still in his 60s in '08, he's not out of the picture. I'm going to put him in.

    Good move not becoming a lobbyist.

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