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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Aha. Justice Roberts.
I'd be very curious to know if the White House pulled a head-fake in getting the media and the blogosphere all spun up about Edith Clement for 6 hours on Tuesday, so they couldn't dig up too much on Roberts right away. Even if that rumor came from somewhere else, Bush has pulled a very politically savvy move by nominating Roberts, whose 2-yr judicial record will make it very hard to use controversial past opinions against him. Seems like the best thing we've got to oppose him is a brief he filed saying Roe v. Wade was decided incorrectly, but he was a lawyer advocating for a client, not a judge giving his unbiased opinion.

Roberts is clearly the rock-solid conservative that the right wanted, short of Alito (Scalia Jr.). I think Roberts will be a lot like Clarence Thomas - quiet, unyieldingly reliable to the right as a strict Constitutionalist, without the arrogance or crazy statements of Scalia.

It will be very hard for Dems to fight this, and Bush knows it. So I'll say it again - if you believe in social progress, rather than turning the clock back to 1920, please vote for Democrats for President.
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