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Friday, July 08, 2005
When will politicians surprise us?
I keep waiting for that moment when a politician, or a group of politicians, does something truly ambitious, laudable, and public. Like if George Bush had been able to put his neck on the line for controlling global warming. Or if he'd agreed to the 0.7% GDP target for aid to Africa. It just doesn't seem to happen much anymore, definitely not from this administration. What I want is to wake up one morning and find that my President has done something truly amazing to try to change the world... to rally people to a cause. The presidency is the ultimate pulpit - the ability to draw attention and bring the world's resources to any problem you choose, and perhaps fix it. Why don't they use it better?

In the meantime, I'm truly happy the G8 agreed to an additional $25 billion in anti-poverty targeted aid. If it is actually provided, it will make a remarkable impact.
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