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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
North Korea
Nick Kristof of the NYTimes is back in Pyongyang, North Korea 16 years after being "banned for life". Kristof will be hosting in the next few days a "video blog" that should prove very interesting... the first two are up on the website now. I've been intrigued by North Korea since seeing a movie about the Mass Games at the Tribeca Film Festival.

News out of North Korea has seemed encouraging lately - they've agreed to rejoin the Six-Party Talks (NK, SK, China, Japan, Russia, U.S.), and a news story today says that Kim Jong-Il wants a nuclear-free Korea. That would all be great.

Kristof, however, thinks this is just a stalling tactic while North Korea gets its reactors online to be ready to make a weapon, which is perhaps a couple of years away. This kind of tricky foreign diplomatic negotiation is, in my opinion, any President's most important duty. Unfortunately, this President (and his main advisors - Karl Rove hasn't really demonstrated much discretion in sensitive matters) have done nothing to earn my trust that they can handle these situations.
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