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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Supreme Court Nomination on Friday?
Talk Left cites CNN in saying that Bush might announce his O'Connor replacement on Friday. And the clue, apparently, as most of us suspected, is that he's going to pick a woman or a minority.

So I'm updating my Supreme Court Nomination odds. This will probably be my final version before the announcement. Let's see how I do. Last time Roberts was my 5th most likely, with odds of 8:1.

Consuelo Callahan - 4:1. Added her last time, clearly intriguing. Talk Left agrees. She's my new favorite. Too moderate for Bush?
Edith Clement - 5:1. Not a clean swap for O'Connor, but Conservatives would be happy.
Edith Jones - 8:1. She keeps hanging around. Definitely possible.
Priscilla Owen - 9:1. Dropping her down on likelihood of filibuster.
Emilio Miller Garza - 9:1. If it's a man, there's a good chance it's him. But it should be a woman.
Larry Thompson - 10:1. Moving up on CNN mention. He's smart, which is a plus after Roberts.
Edward Prado - 11:1
Harriet Miers - 11:1. A new entrant. Never a judge before though.
Janice Rogers Brown - 12:1. Filibuster likely.
Alice Batchelder - 13:1
Karen Williams - 14:1
Reena Raggi - 15:1
Alberto Gonzales - 15:1. I don't think Bush has the stomach for it.
Sonia Sotomayor - 17:1
Samuel Alito Jr. - 19:1
Michael McConnell - 20:1
J. Michael Luttig - 22:1
J. Harvie Wilkinson - 25:1
Ted Olson - 30:1
John Cornyn - 40:1
William Pryor - 50:1
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