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Thursday, October 27, 2005
This week on... "Republicans in Charge"
- The 2,000th U.S. soldier died in a war against a country that did not attack us, but that a significant percentage of American citizens and soldiers think did
- The President's most senior adviser and the VP's chief of staff are likely to be indicted
- The President's consenus-unqualified nominee to the Supreme Court withdraws
- The new President of Iran vows to "destroy" Israel
- The incompetent director of FEMA is still on the payroll as a 3rd major hurricane hits
- An aide to the former Secretary of State warns of the Bush-Cheney 'cabal'
- The House Majority Leader awaits trial on money laundering charges
- The Senate Majority Leader is being investigated for insider trading

Stay tuned for next week's episode. Maybe the Republicans can manage to piss off North Korea as well!

Update: Todd Purdum of the NYTimes picks up the theme.
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