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Monday, October 31, 2005
Will Cheney stick around?
There seems to be increasing chatter, with which I somewhat agree, that Cheney will not finish out this term as VP. A switch has been possible for awhile because of health reasons, and the indictment of Cheney's chief of staff, who prosecutor Fitzgerald will probably try to get to implicate Cheney in a larger indiscretion, hastens matters. After next year's midterm elections is probably the most likely time, though if things continue to heat up around Cheney it's possible that it would happen sooner.

If Bush were to reshuffle, to whom would he turn ? The most likely candidate is Bill Frist, senate majority leader. Other possibilities include conservative senator Sam Brownback, Mass governor Mitt Romney, and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Whoever it is, it would be a slight increase in their profile in advance of the 2008 election, so Bush will likely factor that in when selecting (leading me further to suspect it would be Frist).
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