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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Will Lieberman Lose?
For those that perhaps haven't seen this story yet: it's becoming increasingly possible that Joe Lieberman will lose in the primary of the Connecticut Senate race. Hardcore Dems have been pissed that Joe cooperates with Bush on some things, especially his support for the Iraq war. Some dems go around wearing buttons showing the warm embrace Lieberman gave Bush before the state of the union address. These people are backing Joe's challenger, a guy named Ned Lamont. The latest polls show Lamont within 9 points (from 30+ a few months ago). That, my friends, is joementum.

The interesting development here is that if Lamont wins the August 8 primary, it's quite possible that Lieberman will then run in the primary as an independent. He has refused to rule out that idea, and some supporters are preparing for it by gathering the necessary signatures before the dealine (Aug 9).

This race will also test the power of the blogosphere. The DailyKos community is fervently backing Lamont. If they pull this one out, it will be a further coop for the Howard Dean model.

It's a fascinating race, and is going to be one of the major things to watch this summer.
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