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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
New Gallup poll on Presidential "acceptability"
This poll is very interesting. Rather than ask for someone's favorite for the nomination, this poll asked about each candidate whether they would be viewed as an "acceptable" or "not acceptable" nominee for the party. The results are interesting.

For Republicans, McCain's unacceptable numbers are quite high. Giuliani is, somewhat surprisingly, in much better shape. Do most Republicans not yet know of his moderate views on things like gay marriage?

For Democrats, while Hillary leads significantly in the choose-your-favorite polls, she is basically tied with John Edwards and Al Gore for acceptability, which means either of those two guys could be the go-to for all the anti-Hillary people. Mark Warner had a surprisingly high unacceptability number, as did Russ Feingold.

These results will find their way into my odds when I release an update on Friday.
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