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Friday, August 18, 2006
2008 President Odds Update
Hillary Clinton 5:3. When I was at Saratoga Race Track a few weeks ago, Hillary came to the box at the finishing line to watch a race. She was initially booed (upstate NY is pretty red), but there were plenty of admirers too. That's Hillary in a nutshell I suppose. (No this is Hillary in a nutshell. How did I get in this bloody big nutshell. What kind of shell... has a nut... like this...)
Mark Warner 5:1.
John Edwards 5:1. Adding Nevada and SC to the early primaries plays right into his hands.
Al Gore 11:2.
Russ Feingold 10:1
Evan Bayh 10:1. Aggressively hiring staff in Iowa. He'll be one of those candidates who just coasts along for awhile, and will hope to have a kickass debate or two to propel him forward.
Bill Richardson 11:1
Wes Clark 13:1
John Kerry 14:1
Barack Obama 14:1. Could he run? Could he? I think he could.
Joe Biden 17:1
Tom Daschle 22:1.
Tom Vilsack 28:1
Chris Dodd 35:1
Mike Bloomberg 40:1
Dick Gephardt 45:1. I'm dropping DG from the rankings. Haven't heard a peep.
Bill Bradley 48:1
Brian Schweitzer 60:1
Bill Nelson 65:1
Howard Dean 85:1
Janet Napolitano 100:1

John McCain 2:1
Rudy Giuliani 5:1.
Mitt Romney 10:1. He's apparently raising tons of money, and signing up a bunch of Bush's "Pioneers". I'm going to jump him up into 3rd place, at 10:1. I haven't seen any poll yet on how being Mormon would affect his support from the right wing. When I do, I'll update again.
Newt Gingrich 11:1. . At least he's not a racist.
George Pataki 16:1
George Allen 16:1. Dropping from 9:1 to 16:1. Racist remarks aren't good from a future President, and apparently Republican insiders think he's too much like George Bush, who no one would elect a 3rd time. It's curtains for you, Senator Allen.
Chuck Hagel 17:1.
Condoleezza Rice 18:1
Bill Frist 18:1.
Mike Huckabee 20:1
Sam Brownback 20:1
Jeb Bush 24:1
Colin Powell 35:1
Tom Ridge 35:1
Bill Owens 40:1
Haley Barbour 40:1
Mike Bloomberg 60:1
Dick Cheney 125:1
Christie Todd Whitman 150:1

posted by CB @ 10:33 AM  
  • At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm pretty impressed that you picked McCain with such strong odds so early.

    Also, strong call on factoring Hillary to be such a strong contender. Unfortunately, you didn't factor the strength of Obama.

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