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Friday, September 29, 2006
Quarterly Campaign Filing Deadline
Saturday is the last day of a big fundraising quarter for the Senate and House campaigns around the country. A big surge in funds raised can help the candidate plan strategy for the next 4 weeks, and can actually help demonstrate momentum that shows up in polls, enables a candidate to attract more of the DNC/DCCC/DSC money and more national figures, etc. etc.

Here's who I'm donating to today:

1. Jim Webb. $25. I want to see Allen take his cowboy boots, chewing tobacco (okay fine, Webb chews too), and Confederate paraphenalia back to Southern California, where he's really from.

2. Ned Lamont. $20. Lieberman voted for the god-awful detainee bill yesterday. Please let's get rid of him. Lamont is matching dollar-for-dollar.

3. Harold Ford, Jr.. $15. A Democratic senator in the former Majority Leader's seat. I would love it, and he's winning!

Why do I donate? Do I really think that my $15 is making a difference? No, not really. Honestly, it's mostly psychological. I can't vote for these people. So on election day, if they lose, then I'll feel like I at least tried to help out and did my part. And if they win, I'll feel like I am part of the movement. Otherwise, I'm just a dude who complains.
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