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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Here's a scenario I'm worried about
Let's assume the Dems take the Senate 51-49.
Rumsfeld resigns.
Bush appoints Joe Lieberman as the new Sec of Defense.
Then the governor of CT, Republican Jodi Rell, would get to choose Lieberman's replacement in the Senate.
She chooses a Republican, and now we're back to 50-50 with Cheney as the tiebreaker?

Likely? No.
Possible? Maybe.
It will give me a nightmare or two.

I think Rumsfeld's resignation (or quiet forced exit) is coming. Hopefully, Joe Lieberman would either turn down the job, knowing that the Democrats would NEVER EVER forgive him for selling out our majority like that. Otherwise, hopefully Jodi Rell would realize that she should logically appoint Ned Lamont or another Democrat, seeing that Democrats combined for EIGHTY-NINE percent of the vote today.

Update: Looks like some others are worried about this too (though I beat them to it):
Andrew Sullivan
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