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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
PS: Start thinking about 2008
I know it's 2 years away that we pick a new President, but that race starts TOMORROW, and hits its main stride at the end of next summer and fall. So that means we've all got ~6 months or less to pick our horse and start working (I remember hopping on the Dean bandwagon in the early Spring of 2003).

I talk a lot about odds of winning the nomination, so here are my actual opinions... first stabs at who I might support:

- Hillary Clinton. I think she'd be the best President out of the whole group. She's the smartest person. And a good politician. And a woman (about time). But she's got some baggage (I think Anna Quindlen was right that it's WAAAAAYYYY over-estimated), I don't love her war position, and my friend Jared has convinced me that the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton thing would not be a good sign for an open democracy. We'll see.

- Al Gore. Next best President. But has he really learned how to campaign yet? Jury's still out.

- Barack Obama. He'd be great in the campaign. As President, he could start new dialogues and potentially change the tone of politics and the course of the country way more than any other politician could. But he is inexperienced, and that is a little scary. Nevertheless, I think he could do it.

- John Edwards. I love what he's doing for working class people, and am starting to think that perhaps he's better suited to that than to being President. I just don't read the intellectual acumen from him that I read in the three above.

- Bill Richardson. I need to see him speak more. I don't know how he campaigns. He's got great experience.

I really would love opinions on this... please hit "comments" below. I value other people's opinions in making up my own mind, I want to back the winner, and I need to start figuring out where to spend my $ and energy soon. Let's start the discussion today).
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  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Gerald said…

    It'd be great if we really thought out of the box for the next president. And the first thing to get away from is measuring experience only by how long you've served in office. While Bill Richardson has my heart, it's not the fact that he's been elected a lot that makes me like him - it's the diversity of his experiences and, thus, his perspectives. I have to imagine Barack would bring similar traits to the table - civil rights lawyer, non-profit work, interesting background, etc. And Al Gore can run from outside of politics, too, because he has passion about ideas. These are the people who will most inspire us during the next cycle. I think Hillary might end up being a pragmatic choice, but I don't know if she'll galvanize people in the way these others would.

  • At 10:50 AM, Anonymous April said…

    I am with you..I love Hillary I can't help myself. If she ran I would be 100% behind her. But my gut says people across the country won't vote for her. I don't know much about Bill Richardson, what I have read about him I like. He seems like a safer choice, and I think he is someone to consider right now.

  • At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Senator Bayh is much awaited upon to announce his exploritory committee and is being looked forward to being the most important choice for President for the Democratic party and the United States Of America due to many things including his integerity, intellegent views on foreign policy, support of Israel in Middle-Eastern affairs, fiscal responsiblity in a bayh/bi-partisan manner, his strong stance on impressive education such as his 21st century scholars program that offers all students a scholorship, his experience as an attorney general, a two term governor, and a two term senator, as well as the strong and important region that he pulls in the election, feel free to rebutt this statement with anything that any of the other candidates have done, ie: Hillary, Gulianni, McCain, Richardson, Obama etc. but this is a minor list of what Senator Evan Bayh has achieved and still is yet to achieve...

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