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Thursday, July 27, 2006
My favorite Podcasts
My history with Podcasts is a bit of a roller coaster. Connected as I am to so many news sources (RSS feeds are great), I first heard of this Podcast phenomenon probably two years ago, when there were only about 20 of them. I listed to the "original" Podcast (Adam Curry, of MTV fame) about twice before being bored with it, and continued to subscribe to one other, Grape Radio, for some time, though almost never listened to it (and don't today).

And that's how it was with me for over a year. The Podcasts were on my iPod, but I didn't use it that much because I preferred to read magazines while traveling from place to place, including while walking to work (make sure to look up at intersections).

Then about a year ago my eyes started to get bad and I started to think, with no scientific evidence, that perhaps the reading while walking was hurting my eyes (focusing on one very close thing while the world whizzed by in my perifery vision).

So I decided to check in on Podcast world again and see if there was anything new and interesting. Lo and behold, there is! So I present you with my list of favorite podcasts that I listen to today. Most of them are radio shows or articles that I don't have time to read. It can be stressful to stay on top of them, but I feel like the learning experience is immense.

The Jaker's favorite Podcasts, in order of preference:

1. NPR Story of the Day
2. Slate Daily Podcast
3. World Soccer Weekly
4. NYTimes Worldview
5. NPR World Story of the Day
6. Barack Obama weekly Podcast
7. NPR Business Story of the Day
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