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Monday, November 20, 2006
Who Needs Polls?
A CNN poll is out with poll results on Democrats for 2008. As you'll see, they're quite similar to my odds:

Sen. Hillary Clinton 33%
Sen. Barack Obama 15%
John Edwards 14%
Al Gore 14%
Sen. John Kerry 7%
Wesley Clark 4%
Sen. Joe Biden 3%
Gov. Bill Richardson 3%
Sen. Evan Bayh 2%
Gov. Tom Vilsack 1%
posted by CB @ 3:10 PM  
  • At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Senator Bayh is much awaited upon to announce his exploritory committee and is being looked forward to being the most important choice for President for the Democratic party and the United States Of America due to many things including his integerity, intellegent views on foreign policy, support of Israel in Middle-Eastern affairs, fiscal responsiblity in a bayh/bi-partisan manner, his strong stance on impressive education such as his 21st century scholars program that offers all students a scholorship, his experience as an seceratary of state, a two term governor, and a two term senator, as well as the strong and important region that he pulls in the election, feel free to rebutt this statement with anything that any of the other candidates have done, ie: Hillary, Gulianni, McCain, Richardson, Obama etc. but this is a minor list of what Senator Evan Bayh has achieved and still is yet to achieve...

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