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Monday, December 18, 2006
Edwards to Announce in New Orleans, as I Roll My Eyes
Political Wire says that John Edwards will announce his Presidential run in the next few weeks, "from the New Orleans neighborhood hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina".

I like John Edwards a lot. I campaigned a bit (one day) for him in 2004 when it came down to him or Kerry (I was for Dean until Iowa).

But the fact that he is announcing from New Orleans basically typifies the problems I have with Edwards as a politician. To me, he's just too much of an opportunist... too calculated. Edwards is not from New Orleans, or even Louisiana. Okay, he's Southern, and I guess that's the point of distinction he's trying to make. But I just hate the backward focus of this move.

Obama says he wants to get away from this bullshit, and to me, that's way more exciting than one more politician noting that Republicans screwed up New Orleans and we should continue to make them pay for it.
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