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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Presidential Odds Update
Hillary Clinton 5:2. There is speculation floating around that Hillary isn't doing what she needs to in Iowa, and further speculation that maybe she won't run if Obama gets in. Not sure I believe it - I think she's very driven, and would consider him an ideal VP partner - but I have to reflect it nonetheless. So I'm taking her down from 5:3 to 5:2.
Barack Obama 5:1
John Edwards 6:1.
Al Gore 7:1. Jimmy Carter wants Al to run and would support him.
Evan Bayh 10:1
Bill Richardson 10:1
John Kerry 14:1.
Wes Clark 14:1.
Joe Biden 16:1.
Tom Vilsack 18:1. Did this on Thursday.
Chris Dodd 20:1. He's been talking about it very seriously - it seems like he's running, so I'll take him up from 35:1 to 20:1. But I can't really envision the scenario right now that sees this happen.
Tom Daschle 22:1.
Bill Bradley 48:1
Brian Schweitzer 60:1
Bill Nelson 65:1
Howard Dean 85:1
Janet Napolitano 100:1

John McCain 3:1.
Mitt Romney 6:1.
Rudy Giuliani 8:1..
Newt Gingrich 11:1
Condoleezza Rice 16:1.
Chuck Hagel 17:1.
Sam Brownback 17:1.
Mike Huckabee 20:1
George Pataki 22:1
Jeb Bush 24:1
George Allen 30:1
Mark Sanford 30:1
Colin Powell 35:1
Tom Ridge 35:1
Duncan Hunter 38:1.
Bill Owens 40:1
Haley Barbour 40:1
Dick Cheney 125:1
Christie Todd Whitman 150:1

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