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Friday, December 15, 2006
Obama worried about safety
The Chicago Sun-Times provides a little glimpse into Obama's decision-making process. His wife is apparently very worried about Barack's safety.

Indeed, someone (I think it was TIME's Joe Klein) made the parallel earlier this year between Bobby Kennedy and Obama... the way the crowds felt/feel palpably different about each of them, the way expectations are so high that they could unite the country in a difficult time.

I speculated earlier that the main reason Obama might not run is family (though admittedly the time commitment was more on my mind than the safety issue). I think this actually has a legitimate chance of convincing him not to run. He could spent a year in a half in the Senate, and then have an excellent chance at the VP spot on the ticket.

In other 2008 news, Bill Richardson continues to burnish his (very real, and very beneficial) foreign policy credentials, meeting next week with North Korean officials in Beijing, at their request. Hope the good people of New Mexico don't mind lending their gov to a little world-fixin'.
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